Peacebuilding, Reconciliation and Conflict Management

Decades of conflict have shredded the social fabric, leaving a bitter legacy of clan divisions and community grievances that extremist organizations exacerbate and exploit. Governments will not be able to consolidate security and political gains and establish their credibility unless they demonstrate the political will to be an honest and effective broker to mediate these disputes. Extremist groups such as Al Shabab in Somalia and other extremist groups in the region will remain a destabilizing force as long as communities remain divided along ethnic, religious and political lines and they do not see a viable path towards a sustainable social reconciliation. Some countries in the region recognize this reality and have elevated reconciliation to a national policy priority.

Beemark endeavors to offer government and non-government partners a comprehensive and holistic support that generates and sustains the full array of processes, approaches and stages needed to transform conflicts toward more sustainable, peaceful relationships. Our relational dimension of peace-building is centered on reconciliation, forgiveness and trust building while strengthening the capacity of our stakeholders in conflict management skills. We support our partners in the areas of conflict mapping/analysis, Context analysis development of peace-building and reconciliation strategies; training in conflict management approaches; development of training manuals; and implementation of peace building and reconciliation initiatives both at national, regional and grassroots levels